Black Lotus Casino Online Baccarat

It’s hard to believe that the online Baccarat available at Black Lotus Casino has been around since the 1400s! This game offers the kind of action that has been keeping players on the edge of their seats for 600+ years now and it’s never been easier to access.

Sign up for your account at our site and take this classic with you when you’re out and about via our mobile optimised site, Android app, or iPhone app. Or just sit back and relax with it on your desktop and step into the long history of this sophisticated game.

Easy to Learn, Fascinating to Play

Casino Baccarat is one of the best options when it comes to table games that don’t put too many demands on the player. You don’t need to memorise a long list of rules or keep strategy notes near you when you play.

You need to make one of three possible decisions. The first is that the Player hand will end up with a card total nearest to nine points. The second option is that the Banker hand will do this instead. And the third is that a Tie between the two will occur.

Please note that although the hands are called Player and Banker, when you play real money Baccarat at Black Lotus Casino, neither you nor the house has anything to do with them. It’s just a matter of placing your bets and then keeping your cool until the cards reveal the winning hand and then, hopefully, watching your account get credited with your latest win!

Card Values Explained

When playing Baccarat for real money, Aces are worth one point each and number cards are taken at face value. Face cards are worth nothing. The thing with online Baccarat hand totals, however, is that, when adding this up, if the amount is greater than 10, the digit on the left gets dropped. So a hand totalling 15 points would actually be worth just five.

Low initial totals can be improved with the addition of cards, but that gets determined by specific rules. It’s not reliant on a decision made by you. In a Live Dealer game, the croupier knows what these are and will do whatever is required, and in virtual games the software handles the matter.

Payouts for casino Baccarat bets will see a winning wager on the Player hand collecting returns at 1:1 and successful stakes on the Banker coming out on top pay the same, less a 10% commission to the house because this outcome happens so frequently. If a Tie occurs and that’s what you bet on, you’ll collect your payout at odds of 8:1.

Practice Makes Perfect

At Black Lotus Casino, we understand that players enjoy having access to casino games for a number of reasons. You may have hit your betting budget limit, you may not know anything about the game and are just having a look, or you may just want practice. That’s why we provide Demo versions of many of our games, including online Baccarat. Play for free for as long as you like and when you’re ready to start playing for real, switching over to the real version is simple and quick.

Discover why James Bond enjoyed this game so much when you play online Baccarat at Black Lotus Casino today.